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Wow, look at my inability to draw men in clothing. Look on in awe.

I guess I just felt the urge to draw more Ramon. He typically wants to look professional wherever he is (besides home). His coworkers never see what he looks like outside of work. But just look at that difference! He even has shorter hair than Carlos. Maybe that’s why Cecil hates him :-/


vine by: Garrison Sigmun



Yay , finally some character development for Magnus ;( aka my witchsona (which he sort of branched off and became his own character, I think). I’ve been meaning to draw him more.

I see him more as a foil character than anything - even though he’s capable of producing his own stunning shows/tricks, his role is more or less, to bring out the best in other people and gives them advice tailored to their specific situation, and helps them seek their true selves out.

He is optimistic, level-headed, eloquent, and patient, keeping a strict balance between extroverted/introverted (can be loud/quiet when appropriate). The transparency and temperature of his prism head is an indicator of his present demeanor. 

/clutches cheeks aggressively OH MY GOODNESSSS


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